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Values and Ethos

Janvrin School

Ethos and Vision

All staff at Janvrin School will work with parents and carers to help children enjoy their learning and achieve of their best in all aspects of their school life.

We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for all in our school community, with a priority focus on the child’s needs and progress.

The child is at the heart of what we do and how we do it.

Our children are encouraged to be creative, curious and confident as they progress through the school so that they become successful and inspiring members of the wider community in the future and throughout their lives.

For a child to be happy and successful there needs to be a team of people around the child: primarily the parents or carers, the teachers, support staff, friends and family. Working together and understanding each other’s contexts and challenges is essential to making this teamwork a success.

Effective and efficient communication between the school and the family is central to this work and understanding.

Our School motto of ‘Believe, Achieve and Celebrate’ captures the central vison and ethos of what we have developed at Janvrin School:


When we believe we can achieve an aim or aspiration, then we have made the first and most important step towards success and progress.

Self-belief in our abilities and talents is not always easy to recognise or accept, so it is essential that teachers and staff working with children ensure children gain the confidence to undertake the tasks and lessons they are taught.

Children are shown that errors and mistakes are part of this learning process and are not a reflection of their true abilities: they just haven’t learned it fully ‘yet’!

As adults and professionals we must also demonstrate and model how we learn through making mistakes.

Teachers and staff at Janvrin show that they ‘believe’ in all of the children at the school and in the successes they can strive towards.


Achievement can take many forms.

Sometimes, it is a major, significant event such as receiving an award or certificate for something which has taken a great deal of time and effort to receive.

Often though, it is the things we do on a daily basis. For some children, getting to school each day; making a friend; managing a negative feeling; understanding or practising a new skill or activity can all be daily achievements that help form our sense of self-belief.

We want all children to recognise that they are successful every day. This success doesn’t always come with a certificate or badge but is recognised and acknowledged by those who teach and care for the children.


‘Celebration’ is the recognition that we have overcome a challenge and achieved an aim or target.

It is a fundamental step towards growing our self-belief and confidence so we can achieve more and set new challenges for ourselves.

It is a moment in time which propels us forward.

At Janvrin, we celebrate children’s successes in many ways. It can be a comment, a conversation, a smile during a lesson.

It can be note or report home to parents and carers. It can also be more public such as recognition and applause from our peers in the class or in an assembly.

In the main corridor we have a ‘celebration’ area where we display developments in art and creativity as a model and possible inspiration for other children and staff.

We also have our ‘Excellence’ boards. These have the names of children who have shown exceptional and excellent levels of achievement in 4 specific areas:

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality are essential to progress; if you do not attend school regularly (for whatever reason) you will have missed opportunities to learn and develop.

If you do not attend school on time you will miss important aspects of the day and not be mentally or physically prepared for learning.

Attending school and being on time are essential, long-term behaviours and habits.

School Community

Being an excellent member of the School Community means that you can demonstrate care towards others around the school when they may need some care attention. You do this because it is the right thing to do and encourages care and kindness in others. It becomes infectious!

It also is also reflected in politeness and respect towards others as well as care and respect of the resources and environment of the school.

Effort and Determination

Effort and Determination are characteristics and attitudes which take courage to develop; we are often faced with activities or challenges that may make us want to avoid them. However, facing these challenges with the nurture and support of teachers, staff and parents encourages progress, self-confidence and achievement. It is important to this that we don’t stop or give up when things appear hard or challenging and that we celebrate when have kept going and not given up.

Active Excellence

Achieving Active Excellence means that we have regularly shown effort and determination to develop our physical health and skills. This can encourage a positive and healthy mental attitude as well as a sense of well-being and confidence. We learn to follow instructions and often complicated routines through sport and physical activities and games; we also learn how to accept disappointment and achievement with equal levels of respect and positivity.