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  • School closed for half term

    Published 15/02/20

    Janvrin school is now closed for the half term holiday and will re open on Monday 24th February. 

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  • Half term travel advice

    Published 15/02/20


    Anyone travelling over half-term is reminded to ensure that close attention continues to be paid to hand-washing, good respiratory hygiene and keeping surfaces and touch-points (like light switches) clean.


    Please be advised that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Hubei Province of China due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The FCO also advise against all but essential travel to the rest of mainland China (not including Hong Kong and Macao).


    Please have a safe and enjoyable half term break.

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  • Weather Warning

    Published 10/02/20

    Good evening,

    Please see below the latest advise from the Government of Jersey.

    Take extra care when travelling to school in the morning and give yourself plenty of time to get there as the roads could be the same as this morning.

    Kind Regards

    Janvrin School

    Advice for tide and wind warnings

    10 February 2020

    The following advice has been issued regarding continued tide and wind warnings for Jersey: 

    Weather situation:

    Further formal weather warnings have been issued for the Channel Islands area with wind speeds predicted to peak at storm force 10 and high tide to reach up to 11.7 metres. Wind in Jersey is unlikely to go above a mean gale force 8, but in or near showers strong gusts of up to 70mph could occur this afternoon and evening.

    The public are warned to expect some flooding, on the south coast.

    The particular times of note are around the high tides at 19:38 on Monday 10 February and 07:54 on Tuesday 11 February

    The public are asked to keep away from coastal areas to avoid risk of harm and not to put themselves in any unnecessary danger, especially in coastal areas, as there will be a risk of flying debris, including stones.

    With regard to personal property, please ensure it is either brought inside or tied down and secured.

    Travel advice:

    The public are warned to expect travel delays tomorrow morning.

    Victoria Avenue may close on the evening of Monday 10 February to westbound traffic around the high tide at 19:38.

    Tomorrow morning, Victoria Avenue is likely to be closed to westbound traffic from 07:00, with the road closing for a short time to eastbound traffic.

    A decision will be made on Tuesday morning whether further coastal roads will be closed.

    Liberty Bus will be running as normal, although some services maybe delayed or disrupted due to the temporary road closures.   


    Schools in Jersey are continuing to reassure parents and carers, and are closely monitoring the impact that the weather conditions might have on transport, including on school buses tomorrow.

    All schools and colleges will be open as usual tomorrow.

    The Children, Young People, Education and Skills Department will issue advice if, and when they think there should be generalised school closures.

    School buses will be running, but there may be some disruption and delays to some services in the morning.

    Given delays to some bus services and to road closures, this may result in some pupils arriving late. Schools will make allowances for this and are reassuring parents and carers not to worry, as they are fully aware of the disruption that the weather and tides are likely to cause across the island.



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  • Coronavirus

    Published 07/02/20
      In light of the Coronavirus public health emergency, the Government of Jersey has issued the advice below. Consultant microbiologist for Health and Community Services, and Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Dr Ivan Muscat said: “Kee
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  • Healthy Heroes dress down day Friday 14th February

    Published 28/01/20

    We will be supporting the Caring Cooks  as we have done in previous years and our Healthy Heroes dress down day will be on Friday 14th February.

    Please come to school dressed in the colour of your favourite fruit or vegetable with a donation for the Healthy Heroes.



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  • Year 6 playing on the piano and ukulele

    Published 28/01/20

    A group of wonderful year 6 students playing on the piano and ukulele.  We created a wonderful musical memory with our visiting string quartet from the UK who came to play in our assembly.

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  • Improving Children and Young People Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services in Jersey

    Published 28/01/20


    Improving Children and Young People Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services in Jersey


    A major consultation has begun to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health services for children and young people in Jersey. This piece of redesign work is part of the commitment to Putting Children First and is being led by Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) working closely with Health and Community Services (HCS).

    It is considering the whole emotional wellbeing and mental health pathway for children and young people including:

    • perinatal mental health support to mothers and families during pregnancy
    • early years family support
    • early intervention services in schools and the community
    • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and more acute services

    Your views about children and young people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health support are important to us!


    How to get involved


    1. Complete the online survey:


    1. Email us your comments at:


    1. You can also write to us at:


    Daniela Raffio

    Programme Manager

    Education Department

    PO Box 142

    Highlands Campus


    Youthfulminds Logo PurpleJE4 8QJ


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  • Parentscope Meeting

    Published 14/01/20

    Next Parentscope meeting;

    Wednesday 22nd January 2020

    Appointments from 1pm-4pm

    If you would like to book an appointment please contact  Mary O'Neill


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  • Janvrin School Christmas Message

    Published 19/12/19

    Janvrin Christmas Message:

    Dear Families of Janvrin School

    This term has been a very successful one for the school and we have seen excellent progress from children across the school in many, many areas. Your continued support of this is fundamental to the children’s success and we would like to thank you for all of your efforts and engagement with staff throughout the term.

    The staff at Janvrin are amazing and I am so proud to be a part of the team that works so hard for the children. Thank you to the staff at Janvrin.

    The Christmas Fair was a wonderful way of celebrating a special time of year with our School Community as well as raising an astonishingly impressive £2300 for the school fund. We will decide with the children the resources we can buy with this next term and keep parents updated on this. Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful event.

    The School Meals project started this term and has been a huge success. We have about 50% of the children in school now having a hot meal at some point throughout the week and the uptake for meals has steadily increased throughout the term. The children are clearly enjoying the meals and have some clear favourite options! We will continue to develop this project throughout the year and to seek your feedback and comments as the service progresses.

    Next term we will be reinforcing our parking procedures more fully as we are still experiencing some serious problems at the end of the day with some parents parking and arriving at the ‘wrong’ time and blocking spaces for parents who need to pick up on time. Please be aware of this and we will send more information and instruction around this early next term.

    Friday 20th December (tomorrow!) is the last day of term so it will be important that your child has taken home all equipment and clothing (including lost property) from this term. The teachers and staff will help with this.

    Friday is a normal UNIFORM day.

    School re-opens on Monday 6th January 2020.

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday break and a prosperous New Year. See you all again in 2020!

    Kindest regards

    Iain George


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