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To view Coronavirus latest update, please click on coronavirus link or click on the link below for the latest information.

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  • Mind Jersey Support for Parents

    Published 06/01/23
    Support Group Information Attached is information on support groups provided by Mind Jersey for expectant and new mums to meet and support each other. There is another group on a secure group on Facebook where parents can ask advice, get help a
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  • Jersey Mental Health Plan

    Published 10/05/21

    Jersey Mental Health Plan

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  • January Update

    Published 08/01/21

    Here you will find an update for our return to school for the spring term.

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  • Latest Advice and Information

    Published 08/12/20

    Here is the latest advice from the Government of Jersey and information from Mr George

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  • Grainville School Open Evening

    Published 16/09/20

    Please click on the letter below from Grainville School. 

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  • Covid or Cold ?

    Published 08/09/20

    Please click on the document below to find out. 

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  • News letter

    Published 08/09/20

    Please click below to view our September newsletter 

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  • IMPORTANT Congestion Information

    Published 06/09/20

    IMPORTANT and urgent notice:

    During the school opening last term it was clear that we had a number of issues with collecting children at the end of the day over the staggered times for each year group. As a result of this we have moved for the start of this term, to a consistent collection time for all year groups (2.45).

    However, having reviewed the traffic congestion and delays yesterday and the congestion of adults at key points around the school I have decided that we urgently need to reintroduce some staggered timings for the end of day collection across different year groups.

    I appreciate that this is very short notice, but I am conscious that the proposed system is causing delays in collection; an increase in traffic build up on La Pouquelaye and possible stress to parents worried about collecting their child on time.

    As a result of this, I am introducing the following staggered times for end of day collection as from Monday 7th September:

    Nursery and Reception: 2.45

    Year 1: 3.00

    Year 2: 3.00

    Year 3: 3.00

    Year 4: 3.00

    Year 5: 2.45

    Year 6: 2.45

    To support this, parents collecting for 2.45 should arrive at school between 2.30-2.40 and leave ASAP.

    Parents collecting for 3.00 should arrive from 2.55 at the earliest.

    This situation will be reviewed regularly and we would welcome parent/carer responses to any concerns or queries that arise from this. We are aware that this won’t resolve all of the issues to do with collecting children but will reduce the risks and concerns that I observed yesterday.

    It is important to recognise though that the school is running within clear Government and Health restriction and guidance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore, we should expect and anticipate further changes and developments around our school systems, as this guidance and instruction from the Government changes.

    Further to this, I would urge parents to continue to follow the advice given out earlier this week:

    Drop-off and collect children from outside of their classrooms

    Ensure physical distancing where possible between adults on the school site

    Avoid congestion at entrance and exit points to areas around the school

    Leave the school site as soon as possible and avoid delays in getting back into your vehicle

    Do not allow children to play in the outside areas before and after school, especially where they may be from different year groups

    Do not attend the school site if you or any member of your family is ill until you have received medical advice and followed medical advice

    Thank you for your support and understanding on this matter

    Iain George


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  • Return to school Information

    Published 01/09/20

    Please click on the document below to view return to school information. September 2020

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  • Summer Activities Brochure

    Published 11/07/20

    Please click on the link below for more information 



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  • Summer reading challenge

    Published 10/07/20

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