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  • Further information for school opening.

    Published 18/06/20

    Dear children, parents and carers

    Please see below a document which gives some detail of how we are going to phase the year groups back into school from next week.

    In the document there is a chart which shows which year groups will return on which day.

    It also details the new times for your child coming into and out of school and how to access the school site.

    There will be more detail on this over the next few days but in the first instance please don’t hesitate to contact the school directly with any concerns or queries.

    Many thanks; best wishes

    Iain George


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  • Press release 17.06.20 ...Pupils to return to school

    Published 17/06/20

    Please click on the documents below for further information on pupils returning to school. 

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  • Message from Mr George 11th June

    Published 11/06/20

    Dear children, parents and carers

    I’m hoping that everyone is fit and healthy and doing as well as possible in the current circumstances.

    There are clear indications from the Government that the number of cases of Covid-19 are very small at the moment and the lockdown procedures are having a positive impact. 


    You may well be aware that last week the Minister, Tracy Vallois announced that the Government is reviewing the situation for schools to extend their availability to children and open up further. At this time, we don’t know what this decision is and I will keep you all informed of the decision once it’s made.

    I’m confident that this will be made clear to parents before the end of this week.

    This week we welcomed back the Year 6 children alongside the children of critical workers already attending school.

    As part of this we have extended our safety and hygiene controls so that there is:

    • Full time cleaning throughout the day

    • Children working in small bubbles/groups of between 9-11 children

    • Regular hand washing and sanitising

    • Limited visitor access to the school

    • Staggered starts to the school day to avoid congestion and crowding at the beginning and end of the day

    • Special curriculum and focus for the children to support any anxieties and concerns they have about the lockdown and Covid-19.

    I would want to reassure all parents that the children coming into school have had excellent experiences and been as safe as we could possibly ensure. They have been happy and engaged with their tasks and the opportunities to meet their friends again as well as their teachers and other staff.

    I am confident that we will be welcoming more children back into school soon and will ensure we have the same focus and care for all children and families.

    Remote Learning/Google classrooms:

    We are aware that the majority of children are still working from home and that this poses a number of challenges not only for the child but for parents who are supporting their child’s learning at this time.

    We have 2 of our Senior Leaders, Miss McInerney and Mrs Le Maistre who are monitoring and reviewing the work that is being posted each day by pupils and coordinating the team of teachers who are responsible for the work.

    As we have more children in school now, we also have fewer staff reviewing the work on a daily basis. However, with the team we have set up we are confident that throughout the week your child’s work and assignments will be reviewed and commented on as much as possible.

    Miss McInerney and Mrs Le Maistre will be writing to you this week to seek your views on how well this is going: what’s been working well; what’s not gone well; how we can improve. We would also want to know what aspects of this remote learning would be useful to keep for the future when all children return to school; how this may help home learning; support parents in home learning/homework etc.


    This is the term when we normally get children to move up to their new year groups and meet their new teachers for September. I am confident that we will have opportunities to do this still before the end of term for all children.

    However, I will ensure that you receive as much information about your child’s new year group and changes for September in the coming weeks, as well as end of year reports and assessments made up until this time.

    Our Year 6 children will be finishing their Primary school careers in July and we are working with the Secondary schools to ensure that they have as many opportunities to be prepared for this important transition as possible.

    I will be sending out links for children and parents to their Secondary schools later this week so direct communication between home and school can be started (if it hasn’t already).

    We are sending out communication and information this week to our families of children starting in Nursery and Reception in September as many of these families will be new to Janvrin school and not have seen our site or met our staff before.

    Events and activities for these children will be taking place later this month and into July.

    Janvrin Winners!

    Last week our Year 6 children won the ‘Du Putron’ challenge cup (again). This is usually held as a team quiz across all schools. Janvrin won the very first event a few years ago and went on to win the ‘All Channel Island’ cup against a team from Guernsey.

    This year the competition was held remotely/on-line so was even more difficult to achieve.

    Well done our Year 6’s and I look forward to seeing the cup engraved with Janvrin’s name once again.

    Wishing everyone health and happiness and we will contact you again this week as soon as we know any further developments for schools.

    Kind regards

    Iain George



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  • Year 6 to return to school on 8th June

    Published 28/05/20

    Dear Janvrin families

    please see below the latest press release from the Minister for Education about important updates and developments for initial school opening. This will focus on our Year 6 children at this time.

    Please be assured that over the next few days I will be sending out further information to the parents of children in Year 6 but also further updates to the remaining year groups.

    I am hopeful that this is the beginning of a safe phased back return to school for all children at some point.

    Best wishes to all our families

    Iain George



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  • Urgent press release

    Published 28/05/20

    Dear parents/carer

    At 2pm today, Thursday 28 May, the Education Minister, Senator Tracey Vallois, is making an announcement on the details of the phased re-opening of all schools, colleges and nurseries.

    Senator Vallois will be joined at the press conference by the Children’s Minister Senator Sam Mézec, CYPES Director General Mark Rogers and Susan Turnbull, Medical Officer of Health.

    You can watch the press conference live on the Government of Jersey Facebook page at 2pm and listen on radio.

    I will also share the press release with you after 2pm so that you have all the information.  

    Iain George


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  • School closure update

    Published 22/05/20

    Please click on the document below regarding school closure. 

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  • Urgent update from Mr George 18.05.20

    Published 18/05/20

    Dear Janvrin families

    Thank you so much to all of the adults who have come to collect their child’s Google Classroom packs.

    This has gone brilliantly well so far. 

    Children have been able to log on to their classrooms and have started and completed the assignments and activities set by their teachers.

    They have also been able to make some written contact with their class friends and say ‘hello’ to each other after all of these weeks in lockdown.

    We have had a few difficulties with passwords but, once you let us know about this, we were able to get all of these sorted.

    The majority of children are being set at least 2 main activities per day which means that since last Wednesday most children will have had about 8 activities to complete and send to their teacher so far. I have been really impressed with the work that children are sending back and the positive responses from the children. If your child hasn’t logged on yet, don’t worry: they will start their work from the day they log on and will not be expected to complete all of the work already set at this time.

    Access to the Google Classrooms is very, very important now as the lockdown continues so it is essential that all children log in to this resource to access the updated, daily activities.

    If you have not collected your child’s pack from the main office yet, you must do this urgently now please. The office is open from 8.30-4.00 every day.

    If it is difficult for you come to collect the packs please let the school know and we will help you with this.

    If you have difficulties with setting this up and accessing Google Classrooms, that’s not a problem. Let the school know and we will do everything to help you with this.

    If your child’s pack is not collected by Wednesday we will be making polite phone calls home to see when they are going to be picked up and if there are any difficulties at all.

    Kind regards

    Iain George



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  • ECOF Youtube

    Published 14/05/20

    As some of you may be aware, we have several groups of ECOF (Every Child Our Future) volunteers who come in and read with some of the children each week. 

    They have really missed reading with the children so, some of them have made a video reading their favourite book.

    If you would like to listen to a story please follow the link below, maybe your child can spot 'their' volunteer!


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  • Google Classroom

    Published 12/05/20

    Dear children and families of Janvrin school

    As always, staff at school are sending you all our best wishes and hoping that your circumstances are as good as they possibly can be at this time. Please contact any member of staff at anytime if you are experiencing any difficulties or concerns at home for you and your child/children.

    Google Classroom:

    The class teachers at school have been developing lots of different resources and activities for children whilst children work at home.

    These have been very successful, but we are going to develop these even more now so your child can hand in completed work and get some feedback from your teacher on certain tasks.


    This is going to be developed through ‘Google Classroom’. We are in the process of ensuring teachers have the right training on this and that we show you and your child how to get on to this. Google classroom will allow teachers to post recordings of short lessons as well as ‘assignments’ that can be completed and returned on line by the children.

    There will be daily tasks for children to complete.


    We will be contacting you next week with clear, simple instructions of how to get on to Google classroom and with a code/log-in for your child.


    It would be helpful if you could download ‘Google Chrome’ on to our mobile device at home. This is the only way of accessing your child’s classroom (other versions of Google won’t allow this). If you can’t do this let us know (


    We have sent out a survey to parents which many of you have completed and returned. This survey is to find out what devices your child has at home and when these are available.

    It is very important that we know if your child does not have a device at home that they can access for a couple of hours throughout each day. It is also important that it has Google Chrome on it.


    We will send more details around this next week so please keep checking your emails and contacts from school.


    We know this will have some initial difficulties in setting up and getting out to all families but be reassured we have this in hand with staff at school and will be able to support any issues that arise. Please keep checking for information from school next week and hopefully we can get this started at some point during the week.


    Liberation Day:

    Saturday is Liberation day. 

    This is an important and historical reminder to us all about how well we can, as a community, support and work together to overcome the hardest and harshest of challenges and difficulties. These things will pass and ‘liberation’ will arrive at some point. I am looking forward to the time when we can also celebrate together as a community after this lock down. What I do know is how well our community has worked together already in supporting families facing hardships and difficulties. We will continue to do this for as long as we need to.

    I wish everyone a very happy celebration tomorrow.


    Kind regards


    Iain George



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  • Janvrin Home Learning IMPORTANT update (11.05.20)

    Published 12/05/20

    Good afternoon children and families of Janvrin school.

    This message is following on from my email last week about home learning.

    Children from Reception to Year 6 will be able to access a ‘Google Classroom’ from this week

    This will allow them to complete work set by their class teachers and to send this back to the teachers for comment and review.

    It will also contain recordings of lessons that children and parents can follow.

    We have nearly completed the packs for each child: these contain:

    Log-in instructions

    A special log-in code to access their classroom

    Books for recording their work (where needed)

    Other resources as needed

    When these are ready we will ask parents to come to school to collect the pack for each child.

    We are confident that these will be ready for collection by Wednesday at the latest and may be ready tomorrow (we will let you know).

    We have staff available who will be able to support you in logging in or setting up your devices if you have any difficulties with this over the coming days.

    The activities and lessons that teachers have prepared look very good and I am excited about the opportunities this new platform gives us in supporting the children and their learning at home.

    As always don’t hesitate to get in touch at any point if you have any queries or questions about this.                      

    Thank you

    Iain George



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  • Potato Results

    Published 11/05/20

    Dear Janvrin families
    Please click below to view the results of this year’s Jersey Royal growing competition that was started before the school closures.

    Miss Wilton has now harvested the potatoes from each class and has come up with the 2 winners:

    Nursery: for the heaviest amount of potatoes in one crop

    5HV: for the largest number of potatoes in one crop

    The total number and weight of the potatoes has been sent to the competition organisers who will then compare it to other schools. We will let you know the results from this when they come through.
    Well done Janvrin potato farmers: another great crop across the school!

    Iain George


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  • Jersey Library

    Published 06/05/20

    Please enter an introduction for your news story here.

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