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To view Coronavirus latest update, please click on coronavirus link or click on the link below for the latest information.

March 2020

  • Stay at Home

    Published 30/03/20

    Please view the latest Stay at Home guidelines from the Government of Jersey 

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  • Social Distancing

    Published 24/03/20

    Please find attached a leaflet from the Government of Jersey with advice about how to socially distance yourselves to help prevent the virus from spreading.

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  • School closure update.

    Published 23/03/20
    Janvrin School Closure update: Monday 23rd March  Dear children, parents and carers I hope everyone is healthy and safe and following the Government guidance on social distancing at this time. Please keep checking your emails an
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  • Launch of new Children's & Familie's Hub

    Published 20/03/20


    Dear parents and carers,

    Please find attached a news release from the Government of Jersey and Jersey's Children's Minister announcing the launch of a new Children and Families Hub.

    Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

    Kind regards

    Janvrin School

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  • Important school closure information

    Published 18/03/20

    Janvrin School Important Notification: 

    Dear parents, carers, children and school staff

    Please find attached an important press release from the Education Minister relating to Jersey Schools.

    This details the decision that has been made by the Minister to close the majority of Jersey Schools and colleges from Monday 23rd March. This is to support efforts to contain the Covid-19 virus.

    please click on the documents below to help you support your child or children in any discussions or questions they may have about this situation.

    Below is a Government link to a new webpage offering advice and guidance to parents:

    Janvrin school has prepared for this closure and we will be distributing packs of work for each child from Reception to Year 6 by the end of the week. This work will offer some focus for your child during this absence.

    Further to this, on the school website under the page ‘Our Learning’ we have set up a page called ‘school closure homework packs’.

    On this page we have set up some web links and remote resources for year groups for activities to undertake at home.

    These will be updated where possible by teachers during the closure so it would be sensible to review this regularly.

    We will keep you informed and updated of other resources and advice either through our parent emails or through the website, as they occur and as appropriate to school developments.

    We recognise the importance and possible impact for the families of Janvrin around this decision and we will continue to offer support and help where needed.

    Thank you for your continued support throughout this time.


    Iain George




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  • Clovid 19 (Coronavirus) update Monday 16th March.

    Published 16/03/20

    I’d like to keep you updated on the information we are receiving from the Government in regard to the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

    All children have been reminded and shown how to ensure basic hygiene measures both inside and outside of the school.

    This includes regular and thorough hand washing and coughing into elbows; etc. There are a lot of posters and information available on the website and from school directly about this.

    We have explained to the children that children are really not effected by the virus but other people may become ill and we need to keep the children and other people in their family safe.

    We are asking that you keep the school informed if you have a member of your family who may have symptoms and who has been advised to go into self-isolation.

    If you have any concerns about your child (or yourself) you should call the helpline (445566) and seek advice, and follow the advice.

    The children at school are very aware of what’s on the news and what other people and adults are saying about the virus.

    It is very important that we only tell them the FACTS as to what is happening: you will appreciate that there is a lot of speculation which is not factual but which could cause alarm and upset for children. Please try to reassure them, if needed, that we are all following the best advice available we need to carry on as normally as possible, for as long as possible.

    It would be good for us to talk about things other than Corona Virus!

    Please be assured we would not do anything to put your child at risk at any time, and in this particular situation we can reassure you:

    • Health and Safety, and hygiene measures have been thoroughly reviewed and further actions have been put in place as a reassurance. We are checking all toilets at 3 times a day and replenishing soaps and towels regularly, as well as ensuring surfaces are as clean as possible (not always easy with younger children in toilets!)

    • The children have been shown and are constantly reminded about personal hygiene: hand washing and drying etc.

    • The school will keep messaging families with all updated information and advice and we will continue to follow the best advice available whilst your child is at school.

    • You know that if you or your child may have some of the symptoms then you must call the helpline (445566) and let the school know the outcome.

    • If staff feel your child is unwell in anyway at school, we will call you immediately.

    As many of you may know, I am a parent too and would want you to know that we won’t do anything that would put our children at risk at any time. We are always working with the best of intentions and welcome your comments and queries whenever they may arise. 

    I believe the staff at Janvrin are outstanding and would want you to contact them (and myself) at any point during this time.

    We will keep in touch regularly with all updates.

    Thank you,

    Iain George. 

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  • Coronavirus update

    Published 15/03/20
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  • JPTP Toy sale

    Published 15/03/20


    The Janvrin Parent Teacher Partnership (JPTP) would like to offer regular opportunities for children to recycle and buy used toys and games.

    The opportunity for this will be on the last Friday of every month (Dress Down Day) and will be held in the Main Hall.

    To get this project started we would like you all to see if you have good quality toys that are no longer needed or used that you feel another child may like to take home.

    These toys should be clean and in good working order. We can’t accept any electronic games or battery operated toys for health and safety reasons.

    We will contact families when we have enough toys for the first sale and when the first date will be.

    In the meantime, please feel free to bring in any good quality toys to your class and we will store them carefully until the first sale.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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  • Easter Netball

    Published 15/03/20

    Please click below for information on Easter Netball

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  • Flourish taster day

    Published 15/03/20


    On Wednesday 18th March Flourish will be holding a taster day in the main hall where they will be serving samples from the Spring term menu.


    If you would like to attend and try some food from the menu please go through the side door from 3.15pm with the tasting finishing around 5.30pm.


    We look forward to seeing you there.


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March 2020