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School Day & Lunch

Children have 3 sessions at lunchtime: a set session for eating their lunch and 2 set sessions for play. Each session is for 20 minutes. Some year groups will eat first and then play; other year groups will play first and then eat.

Children need to have a packed lunch every day. Their lunch box should contain a sandwich (or similar), a drink (non-fizzy), some fruit/yoghurt etc. Janvrin School has been awarded ‘Healthy School’ status and encourages healthy eating. This means that chocolate, crisps, cereal bars etc are not encouraged by the school and we would ask the people who make the lunches to be aware of this please.

Children can bring in a healthy snack each day which they will be able to eat in the morning; the snack must be fruit or vegetables or a cold pasta meal (in appropriate packaging).

Nursery children are provided with snacks by School staff. This facility is funded by contributions from parents/carers. Children who attend Nursery in the morning only, are asked to contribute £3.00 per week. Full time Nursery children are asked to contribute £5.00 per week.

Great Ideas and Choices for School Lunch Boxes

Please use this link which will take you to Change 4 Life which contains some really great ideas and choices for school lunch boxes.