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Access to school site

Please see the following information concerning the use of the school site before and after school.

Over the past term we have been made increasingly aware of instances relating to improper use of the school site; with particular reference to the astro turf.

Before school, children are being dropped off around the front of the school building, but then making their way around to the astro turf. This is an issue as there is no supervision of this area before school.

We would politely ask that where children are being dropped off before 8.30 that parents instruct their children not make their way around to the astro.

After school, we have been informed of and witnessed numerous instances of unsafe and potentially damaging behaviour on the astro turf. Some children from the foundation stage and KS1 are climbing all over the goal posts and their nets whilst under parental supervision, with some also getting in behind the goals to jump on and climb up the netball posts. Not only is this completely unsafe, but the equipment is also being damaged! It also causes an issue where goals posts are being moved away from the fence as these are placed in such a way to pose the smallest level of risk.

Again, we would politely ask that parents ensure their children do not climb on, move, or go anywhere near the goals or netball posts.

Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to safely start and manage the many clubs that we put on after school. This is due to children being allowed to freely run around play on the astro despite clubs having clearly started. Children are also interfering with the equipment that is being set out for these clubs.

We appreciate how the astro is a fantastic space to move around in, but the clubs have to take priority. We would request here that where Mr Ashton or Mr Chipperfield are seen coming out with groups of children, that any other children are called over immediately and the space is made free. Furthermore, the large gates will need to be locked by 3.10 latest to preserve our security arrangements.

Lastly, an issue is also being caused where families are choosing to stay on the school site beyond 3pm and are accessing the nature trail etc. We are receiving reports that there may be improper use of these areas, whilst it is also a security issue for our after school club. We are also aware that our fruit and vegetable planters are being picked from and gardening equipment being used: these are for the classes and not families.

We would ask here that families do not venture around the school site beyond 3pm