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Jersey Putting Children First

The Government of Jersey is launching an Island-wide campaign to encourage everyone in Jersey to support our Pledge to Put Children First.

On World Children’s Day (Wednesday, 20 November) this campaign will encourage everyone from politicians to businesses, teachers to police officers, family and friends to neighbours to support the Pledge to Put Children First.

We want Jersey to be the best place for children and young people to grow up and we want to share what we are doing, as a Government and a community, to Put Children First.


The Council of Ministers has recognised the importance of prioritising this group of young Islanders and has committed to ‘Put Children First’ in the Government Plan, Common Strategic Policy and Children and Young People’s Plan.


We’re now encouraging all islanders to get involved and support the Pledge to Put Children First. Everyone in Jersey has a role to play in the care and protection of children and helping to build a child-friendly Jersey.


Why should you support the Pledge?

Putting Children First means that all children and young people will grow up safely, learn and achieve, live a healthy life and are valued and involved in everyday decisions that affect their lives.


Please log onto to pledge your support.

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