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Head Teacher's Thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone who came to our Christmas Fair on Friday evening and for helping to make this such a wonderful and special event.

As you know, this is just the second year we have run the Fair and I feel that this year’s was even better than last year. However, we always appreciate any feedback from families and if there are any aspects you feel we could improve or just continue with please let the school know through the usual links. Thank you.

The main purpose of the Fair is to celebrate together as a school community but with the added bonus of possibly raising funds for the children going into next year.

We haven’t made the final count yet but the early indications are that you have raised over £2000 for the children in one evening! A remarkable and brilliant achievement and one that we can all be proud of. Thank you very much.

We will continue with our Christmas Celebrations for the children leading towards the end of term on the 20th December and will keep you updated on all events and concerts etc. undertaken by the children.

Once again, thank you all for a brilliant evening.

Kindest regards

Iain George