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Message from Mr George.

Dear parents and carers

We are aware that there are many demands on families at this time, especially after we have been in a lockdown for a number of weeks now.

From this, we know that more and more families recognise the need and benefits for their children coming into school. However, this is highly restricted and is only available to a very limited number of children. The children who are able to access school have to be referred through to the Government, and the Government then inform the school of who can attend.

For the majority of families, this will be for children whose parents are ‘critical’ or ‘essential’ workers.

All parents can apply for this status although it may not be accepted, depending on your role and the context of your work.

However, if you feel you may be eligible to make an application then please follow the link:

Alternatively, you can seek advice from your employer who may make the application on your behalf.

If you are self-employed, then you will have to fill in the form independently.

The purpose of the school closures is to minimise the contact and movement of people across the island.

The offer of placement to specific children is to ensure that their parents can fulfil critical roles which will support the health and safety of the community.

We appreciate that this may be frustrating and difficult for many people and families but would ask that we try and maintain the excellent level of patience and understanding shown so far.

Thank you for your support in this.

Kind regards

Iain George