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Urgent update from Mr George 18.05.20

Dear Janvrin families

Thank you so much to all of the adults who have come to collect their child’s Google Classroom packs.

This has gone brilliantly well so far. 

Children have been able to log on to their classrooms and have started and completed the assignments and activities set by their teachers.

They have also been able to make some written contact with their class friends and say ‘hello’ to each other after all of these weeks in lockdown.

We have had a few difficulties with passwords but, once you let us know about this, we were able to get all of these sorted.

The majority of children are being set at least 2 main activities per day which means that since last Wednesday most children will have had about 8 activities to complete and send to their teacher so far. I have been really impressed with the work that children are sending back and the positive responses from the children. If your child hasn’t logged on yet, don’t worry: they will start their work from the day they log on and will not be expected to complete all of the work already set at this time.

Access to the Google Classrooms is very, very important now as the lockdown continues so it is essential that all children log in to this resource to access the updated, daily activities.

If you have not collected your child’s pack from the main office yet, you must do this urgently now please. The office is open from 8.30-4.00 every day.

If it is difficult for you come to collect the packs please let the school know and we will help you with this.

If you have difficulties with setting this up and accessing Google Classrooms, that’s not a problem. Let the school know and we will do everything to help you with this.

If your child’s pack is not collected by Wednesday we will be making polite phone calls home to see when they are going to be picked up and if there are any difficulties at all.

Kind regards

Iain George