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Year 6


Friday 3rd April

Dear Parents,

Please find below a few activities and links for your children

2 activities are for enjoyment & relaxation whilst spellings are words that we would check with the children if we were in school.

Spelling test - This should only take a few minutes!! The words for the spelling are 

1. washing 11. supply
2. before 12. release
3. healthy 13. surprising
4. disease 14. advantage
5. serious 15. properties
6. material 16. medicine
7. process 17. physical
8. essential 18. varieties
9. available 19. remember
10. survive 20. design

Easter Activity


Thank you.

L.Dewhurst & J. Hannabuss


Tuesday 31st March

We haves just uploaded the answers to today's reading questions! Please click on the document below. 

Did you join in with Joe Wicks exercise routine this morning. Its great fun and good for you. A brilliant start to the day!!

Today its a reading focus.

The text looks really interesting. Have a go and let me know how you manage.

I have also included information about writing / creating a comic. Being able to write in comic style is an alternative form of writing that many of you might find fun and it allows you the opportunity to incorporate drawing skills. Have a go.

Remember you don't need to print off anything. Write the answers in your red books.

As always send me a photo or video of your end result. I look forward to it!

Monday 30/3/2020

Task 1 is an art activity : How to draw a face

Task 2 is the first of a set of SATs questions.More to be added every day this week!

Try to complete the papers independently - without help!! Also try to complete the papers in the times set - remember the timings are there because this is how long the people who set the task expect you to take!!

PLEASE NOTE : there is NO  need to print the papers to answer the questions - read the question / write the answer in the Red books or on paper. Keep everything together so that your child can show me when they get back to school.

Any questions, please email me and ask.

Stay safe - keep smiling.

School closure work. Please see the links below for home study activities.

Click on the documents below to access work. 

Children & Parents - Please note the project has a POWERPOINT. Please log into Twinkl to access . It is called Anywhere Island ppt + Year 6. this is free.


Year 6 Web links to home study activities:   watch the Calligradoodles video and have a go some calligraphy projects you might enjoy   learn British Sign Language, one video per day  learn calligraphy video  how to draw a manga girl​   how to draw a manga boy  Text booklet - Reading test​  Question booklet - reading test​  SPaG test​   Maths Test​  Maths test   Maths test​  Computing skills​  Computing skills​  Interesting clips to watch and think really good science games   this is a great maths site - everything straight from our curriculum  another good maths site - complete with answers - you may need a printer though​  maths challenges - use the ppt option so you don't see the answers before you finish the challenge