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RRS Visit

Our trip went really well and the children worked alongside other children as well as Andrea from the Children's Commisioner for Jersey team. The children spent time looking at the logo design for the new government document about Children's lives in Jersey and about rights being upheld. The research is extremely extensive and researchers from Belfast, Queens University, are working the government in Jersey and the commissioners office to promote, protect and discover relevant information for their project.


The children are the first young people (!) in Jersey to have their voices, thoughts and opinions heard and there will be a lot of media coverage around this in future. After Christmas, the children will be meeting with Andrea and Amy again to analyse data and also see their new logo designs for the research project. 



If parents are interested about the Children's Commissioners job roles and what they do they can visit:‚Äč it is such an important link for the school the children can make decisions that affect their lives and other peoples lives