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PE - Daily fun exercises

Hello All,

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits despite the obvious changes to normal everyday life.

I would like to share below a number of resources that can be used at this time to support and encourage physical activity, mental wellbeing and opportunities for families to interact with each other in a fun way; all whilst spending a significant amount of time at home!

Many of the activities have been designed for the exact circumstances that we find ourselves in at the moment.  As a result, the activities and games are ready made for tight indoor spaces, together with suggestions as to how household items can take the place of PE items that you may not have in your homes.

I am not going to prescribe specific activities, instead I would ask that the children and/or families cherry pick from the recourses, activities, dances & games that they see as being enjoyable.  We all have different tastes, and at this time it is particularly important that the physical activities are enjoyable.  Aim for 2 to 3 per day

I would suggest that the activities and games are used for between 15 to 30 mins at a time, to break up longer periods of inactivity.  Writing down what you have done each day may support with motivation.  I would also be more than happy for any children/ families to email me a lists of activities they have completed or particularly enjoyed.

Again, it is fine to cherry pick out, repeat and adapt any of the activities, as having fun should be the most important outcome at this time.

I will continue to send out further resources as I come across them, also please keep checking in on the school Facebook page as I will ask that specific activities/ games are shared here.

Best wishes to all

Mr Ashton

​1.Coach Pirillo Active at Home:

My favourite! The children will be very familiar with who coach pirillo is, his active at home page has links to a huge number number of dances and an ever increasing number of 'indoor' based games that can be copied by watching his video demonstrations.  He also has links to other useful resources - lots to explore here!

2. Phys Ed Depot - Fitness/ Dance videos 

Would you rather fitness:

Lots of fun, I would recommend trying a few of these out videos

Avengers High intensity fitness

Again lots of fun, remember to go at your own pace!

3. Mike Morris PE - PE at home challenges

Mike is a real genius and has created a number of PE at home challenges here.  He will even show you how to create a basketball hoop inside your own home - I know years 4,5 and 6 will love this.  

4. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Foundation stage and KS1 will enjoy cosmic kids yoga stories

5. Indoor golf putting course

Lots of fun for creative minds

6. DancePlay - At home Dance tutorials

KS2 for this one - bounce generation is my favourite

Here you will find links to great fun exercises for your children to do at home, you can even join in! If you click on the document below you will find information on how to stay active at home from Jersey Sport.

Dance of the day: Payphone

Dance of the Day: Cake by the Ocean

Dance of the day: Don't Want to know

Dance of the day: I don't like it, I love it

Dance of the Day: Price TaG

Dance of the day : Cant stop the feeling

Dance of the day: Year 4's favourite

Dance of the day "FUN" have fun with this one !

Dance of the Day: Cheerleader - One of our favourites!

Dance of the day: Shake it off!