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Meet the Team

Janvrin School Staff 2022

Mr Iain George

Mr Mark Chipperfield
Assistant Head

Mrs Leah Gabbiadini

Assistant Head

Mrs Elaine George
(SLT, Special Educational Needs lead; Jersey Premium lead; PSHE lead; Rights respecting School lead) 

Mrs Sue Smith
(Pastoral Lead; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Nurture group manager)

Miss Sammi Pinel
 Nursery Manager

Mrs Leah Gabbiadini
 Reception Teacher
(Assistant head,SLT, Foundation and year 1 Lead, Teaching and learning and curriculum planning)

Miss Emily Watson
 Reception Teacher

Mrs Julie Hannabuss
Year 1 Teacher

Miss Rachael Crick
Year 1 Teacher


Miss Stephanie Hairon
Year 2 Teacher

(RWInc; Computing)

Miss Chantal Le Rossignol 
Year 2 Teacher

Miss Tessa Cheal
Year 3 Teacher



Miss Rachel Grant
Year 3 Teacher

(PSHE; Careers; RRSA)

Mrs Sarah Williamson
Year 4 Teacher

Miss Jess Hampton
Year 4 Teacher

(Reading support)


Mr Steve Hargreaves
Year 5 Teacher

(Enrichment; History and Geography)

Miss Chloe McCarthy
Year 5 Teacher


Miss Jessica Farrell

Year 6 Teacher
(SLT, MLL lead, French and Tutoring)


Miss Sidney George
Year 6 Teacher

(SLT; Writing;Drama)

Mr Steve Ashton
PE Teacher

(Extra curricular sports and games)

Mrs Rebecca Lawrence
Music Teacher

Mr Wayne Townsend
Caretaker/Crossing Patrol









Mrs Mitchell, Mrs McMurray,
School Administrators


Janvrin School Support Staff

MLL Mrs Annette Person
Computing Mr Max Livesy
Nursery Officers Miss Pinel, Miss Murphy, 
Reception Assistants Mrs Planner, Mrs McGuigan
SEN lead TA Miss Le Feuvre
Jersey Premium lead TA  
Lunchtime lead TA Mrs Sutton
First Aid lead Miss Wilton
Breakfast Club Mrs O’Neill
After School Club Mrs O'Neill
Nurture Group, Pastoral support, Family Support Mrs Smith, Mrs O’Neil, Mrs Sutton, Miss McCool, Mrs Sousa
Teaching Assistants Mrs Hanrahan, Miss Wilton, Miss McCool, Mrs Revell, Mrs Lyscarz, Mrs Devlin,
Mrs Briddon, Mrs Santos, Mrs Velosa, Miss Trehiou, Miss Poeira, Mrs Coombs
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs De Sousa, Ms Breuilly, Mrs Vitor,